How to build a 6 to 22 Gallon 12 Volt Plastic Pail Water Heater and get FREE HOT WATER. (AND NOT LIKE THE PHOTO ABOVE)
For your home, Step-by-step plans
Hot Water is not a necessity but it sure can make life a lot easier.

You can make tons of hot water from your 12 volt solar system
just by using your diverted electricity from your charge controller, so nothing is wasted

Simple plans we show you how to find the right 12 /24 volt heating element
and we show you how to install it in your plastic pail water heater.

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How to Build a 6 Gallon Plastic Pail 12 or 24 volt Water Heater
Note: my hot water tank above is a cut down 30 gallon plastic drum, which you can do to.

By T. M. Lamb
FREE HOT WATER for bathing, dishes, shaving What ever you need Hot Water for YOU will have it


Wow - HOT WATER FOR FREE - how to build a 12 or 24 volt hot water heater from a plastic pail for cheap, cheap, cheap.

We show you how to run direct from solar panels to the heating elements or how to run your Charge Controllers dump cycle directly into your hot water tank, so this way NO ENERGY is ever wasted.

Best of all, the heating element is only $49.00 and the price of your hot water tank complete only cost about $60.00 total. And once itís installed you will have tons of FREE HOT WATER when ever you have sun shine. And best of all you never have to pay another dime to the Local Power Company for HOT WATER.

You can survive without Hot Water, it is not a necessity, but Hot Water makes everything so much nicer to Shave or wash up, to do dishes etc. If you loose power for a long period of time you will thank God you have HOT Water available on sunny days.

FREE HOT WATER for bathing, dishes, cleaning what ever you need HOT WATER for you will have it on demand stored in your Plastic Pail Hot Water tank ready for you to use.

We also show you how to insulate your Plastic Pail Hot Water Tank.

Available on Amazon for ONLY $.99 (99 cents) at:

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