Build Your own Simple and Easy 300/400 Watt Pedal Power Exercise Bike. (AND NOT LIKE THE PHOTO ABOVE ON THE RIGHT)
For your home, Step-by-step plans
Now you can Pedal Exercise and Generate usable Power at the same time

You can Charge up your 12 volt system with this when the sun wont shine
and the wind will not blow.

Simple plans we show you how to find the generator you will need and the
type of exercise bike you must have to make it work.

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How to Build your Very Own 300 to 400 Watt Pedal Powered Exercise Bike

By T. M. Lamb

How to Build
A 300/400 watt
Pedal Power exercise bike


Now when your batteries get low and the Sun wont shine and the wind wont blow you can exercise your batteries to full charge.

Simple, Step-by-Step plans on how you can build
a Pedal Power Exercise bike, and make real, usable power while you exercise.

Now you can pedal exercise and produce power at the same time. And if your solar system ever runs low on power and the sun donít shine and the wind wont blow you can pedal power your batteries to full charge in a couple of hours. And hey who donít need a little exercise and now you can actually produce something useful while you exercise.

We have heard reports of 400 watts but we were conservative when we estimated 300 watts but how much power you produce is up to you and how good a shape your in and how fast and how long you can pedal at speed. All that, determines how much power you can make. The average person in reasonable shape can produce 300 watts for 30 to 45 minutes.

Itís actually a lot of fun to exercise knowing you are helping the environment and producing something useful and needed.

This is the simplest and easiest generator exercise bike plans on the market, bar none and the cheapest too, the bike cost me about $100, the generator cost me $50, the blocking diode cost me $5.00 and the volt meter cost me $7.00 all this for only $162.00 Not to badÖ

Pedal exercise for an hour to charge a 12 volt battery and run 3 or 4 or more (12 volt) LED lights all night long, or you can power a radio etc.

Howís that for POWER you can use.

Available on Amazon for ONLY $.99 (99 cents) at:

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