Build Your own HHO gas powered Heater and cook top burner
For your home, Step-by-step plans
Now you can Heat your home and cook your food using ONLY WATER for fuel

You can power this from 12 volt solar panels or your 12 volt system

Simple plans we show you how to use water for fuel to cook with and to heat a room in your home

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By T. M. Lamb

Heat and Cook Using Only Water as your Fuel Source!

Most people who even know about HHO gas think only about using it in your car or pickup to increase gas mileage, but did you know you can heat your home with HHO gas and you can even cook with HHO gas.

If you have a 12 volt system installed as I do (with 12 volt solar panels, 12 volt wind turbine and 12 volt batteries) itís a simple matter of hooking up a couple of color coded battery cables and you are ready to go. I will show you how I heat with HHO gas and I can even cook with HHO gas.

If you do not have a 12 volt system you can still use this with a 12 volt Power Supply.

When you burn HHO gas your only waste product is Water and Oxygen, so it's safe to use indoors.

Now if times get tough and you run out of firewood and propane this can come in very handy. Especially if you are making lots of power when the sun is shinning and you are not able to use all the power you make this is an extra way you can make use of your 12 volt power for something very useful, cooking and heating.

Every project I sell plans for, I make and use in my home, so I sell plans from experience. I show you practical ideas that work. I show you the tips and the do's and don't so you don't waste time and I show you what items to buy saving you time on things that don't work. Like using a pond pump is great for pumping water but not so great for pumping hot water. We show you a 12 volt pump that is specially made to pump hot water, is brush-less, quiet and lasts a long time. Just one of our tips.

We show you Step-by-Step how to build this unit in a case with casters to make it more portable so you can move it out of the way when you don't need it.

We show you how to build this unit with one or two HHO generators just in case you have a pair of HHO generators and not just one.

Normally people who sell HHO heater plans (do not include info about cooking with HHO gas), they sell their plans for about $25 and up, so we consider our price a bargain.

I have built and have working in my home each project I sell, so I sell these plans from experience and not from something I have read somewhere.

Available on Amazon for ONLY $.99 (99 cents):

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