Build Your own 12 volt EVAPORATIVE (Swamp) COOLER
Simple, Step-by-step plans
Now you can COOL your home for FREE

Now you can cool your home using solar panels or power it from your 12 volt system

We show you how to COOL your home literally for FREE!

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How to Build your Own 12 volt Evaporative "Swamp" Cooler

Now you can Cool your home using 12 volt power and save thousands of dollars.

Powered Entirely by the Sun

The Cheap and Easy Way!

Simple, Step-by-Step Plans

With the high cost of grid power and it's only going higher a lot of people are looking for ways to keep cool at low (or NO) cost with maximum efficiency!

We got it - a 12 volt super low cost Ė (how about FREE). And Efficiency depends on the humidity in your area but even if you have high humidity this still works.

This Evaporative (Swamp) Cooler works by pumping water up into the cooler pads and then, the water runs down the pads while a fan pulls air through the pads causing it to evaporate (that evaporation cools the air) and then is blown into your room to cool your home.

Evaporative coolers are very popular in homes out west and many people ONLY have Evaporative Coolers to cool their homes. Learn how to survive almost anything.

Through trial and error we have developed the best water pumps and the best 12 volt fans to move the air and water most efficiently in your system.

And with using Solar Panels you can power this system for FREE and we show you how to do that as well.

We show you how to build a water reservoir so you donít have to keep adding water every couple of hours.

By using my 12 volt swamp cooler in the summer, I have gotten my all electric home (with a big chest freezer) (Plus 3 teenagers with big color TV's, video games etc.) grid power bill down to $67.00 per month.


These are not plans I did up a couple of months ago - I built my first swamp cooler Spring of 2011, so I have been using a 12 volt swamp cooler for 2 summers, so I know something about 12 volt swamp coolers and I will show you step-by-step how to build the perfect 12 volt swamp cooler and save a lot on the mistakes I made the first year with mine.

Step-by-step simple plans

I have built and have working in my home each project I sell, so I sell these plans from experience and not from something I have read somewhere.

Available on Amazon for ONLY $.99 at:

Learn how to survive almost anything, see: I PLAN TO SURVIVE by T. M. Lamb

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