How bad will it be
When the Lights Go Out
And the Economy Collapses

A Department of Defense study
Says 97% of ALL Americanís
Will be dead after 1 year!

By Dr. T. M. Lamb

The Perfect Storm is upon us, right NOW

Only 3 people out of every hundred will survive, after one year with out power, that is what the Department of Defense says.

This statement will shock most of you, but itís true and I will attempt to explain why and how.

The study that made this statement also went further to say that most of these deaths would NOT be due to starvation and disease. But that most of the deaths would be from roving gangs killing everyone and everything in sight to acquire food, water, medicine and killing for the sake of killing.

Even Homeland Security warns us to be ready for a wide spread power outage they do not say maybe they say ďwhenĒ this happens we need to be prepared for it.

They also say the power could be off for months even years.

If one threat werenít bad enough, we have three (3) threats to our power generation and grid system.
The first is Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from the sun that could potentially wipe out everything electronic on our planet.
(It has happened before and will happen again, as in the Carrington event of 1859) In 1859 we had the strongest CME ever recorded strike the earth but due to the limited technology available at that time we were spared for the most part. The technology we did have at that time was the telegraph and telegraph lines all over the globe started sparking and bursting into flames along with the telegraph machines and even some telegraph offices burned to the ground because of the CME. If the same CME were to strike earth today it would literally put earth back in the 1800ís in literally minutes. We are talking Horse and buggy or the Stone Age for all of us.

Second, you have an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) which could do the same as a CME but to a limited area. By detonating a nuclear device above Americaís heartland they could effectively wipe out all electronics in North America. Either way NOTHING Electronic would work and that would fry our power plants too! Did you know the North Koreanís have nuclear weapons and they recently launched a satellite that flew over Americaís heartland and itís approach was from the south and we do not have to ability to see or defend against a nuclear device approaching America from the South. For many it was a very scary time when the North Korean satellite over flew the American heartland as it was at a time when the North Koreanís were bolstering they would fry America. Maybe this was a trial run but next time it must may be for real.
The North Koreanís have been working on a Super EMP Nuclear Bomb that if set off about 200 miles would KILL EVERYTHING electronic in North America (yes that includes Canada and Mexico).

You say who cares if it kills a few computers? Almost everything is computer controlled these days, from your cars, motorcycles, boats, your heating and air system, power plants (including Nuclear Power plants) and all their controls. And IF we lose control of these 100 plus Nuclear Reactors can you imagine 100 Fukushima style melt downs all at once all over America? That is why we say NOTHING Ė NOTHING - will work, run, drive fly, NOTHING.

And then you have the act of terrorists, which could potentially bring the grid down from days, months to years.

It recently made the news that if just 9 huge transformers situated around America were disabled that our entire grid would go down. These transformers are not made in America anymore. You place your order and 18 to 24 months later you get your new transformer. Right there is a year and a half without power. What would you do if you had to live 18 months without power?

Be prepared also for a terrorist attack, we have been hearing on the news lately how terrorist can take down our generating plants and the grid by a 14 year old boy with a 10 year old laptop in a motel room in Baghdad. (IT'S THAT BAD)

So prepare for all kinds of power outages, start today to keep you and your family safe and with power, food and water.

What will happen, If we are hit by either a CME or an EMP. Well for starters your cars will not run except for the older cars before they were computer controlled. No TV, No radio, No cell phones, NO electric grid power, No water, No heat or air in your home, No sewage when you flush, it will not go down, No grocery stores open, No gas stations open, No 911 calls, NOTHING -NOTHING. (Not even you can opener will work)

As a matter of fact your sewage will probably back up into your home. The reason is everyone will be flushing their toilets with water collected from streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, swimming pools, rain, mud holes about any place they can find water to pour into the toilet to flush away the mess. And since the Water Treatment plant has no power they can not pump or process the waste water so it will back up into your home and everyone elseís home as well.

So we have a triple threat to our power generation and grid system. Scientist say a Carrington style event happens about every hundred years and since that last happened in 1859 (you do the math) we are LONG over due for another Carrington type event.

Groups of scientists and politicians have been petitioning the government for years to harden our grid and power plants against a CME, EMP and terrorist attack but to no avail it is almost as if certain politicians WANT this event to take place. One day they will get their wish.

Just what does it mean to lose power? If you really want to know go to your meter box for your home and pull the main breaker, after about 15 minutes you will turn it back on. The silence is deafening and then you will get to hot or to cold as itís almost never the right temperature outside to make it comfortable indoors. You will NOT have anything running, no TV, no radio, no DVD player, no game console, no lights, no microwave, no clocks NOTHING will work. But you need to remember, that should we get hit with an EMP or a CME your cell phone will not work. Your water will not flow out the faucet and your toilet will not flush and over the next several days will actually back up into your home making a stinking mess all over your home. This is where the disease will start to come in to play.

Your car will NOT run or even start as it is computer controlled and the CME or EMP fried your circuitry in the computer that controls your engine. And even if you had an old vehicle before computers were introduced into cars you still would not be able to buy gas, as the gas stations have no power to pump the gas out of the underground storage tanks. So if you are like me and have a old Pickup (no computer) you can only drive as far as the gas in your tank will take you and then you are walking or siphoning gas.

Now if your like most people or the average Joe you have between 3 to 7 days of food in your home. At the fist hint of trouble Walmart shelves will be bare and if they are closed because of no power you can bet someone will break in and steal the food and water on the shelves. SO by the time you think about going to Walmart you might as well stay home as itís to late. Now what do you do after your 3 to 7 day of food runs out? I guess you could beg from your neighbors but donít expect to get much that way as they will be in the same boat as you. I guess you could hunt for food. But can you imagine being in the woods with hundreds of other starving armed men who all had starving families at home waiting for them to return with food? That is a recipe for disaster if I ever heard one. What game, that was available was hunted out the first day or two after the event happened. And the game that was left headed for the deep back country where it will not be that easy to find or to hike back out with a 100 pound deer over your back. And while you are doing that do not forget about the hundreds of armed people stalking the woods for the very game you have slung over your shoulder.

Christian God fearing men will resort to violence to keep them and their familyís from starving. My Father told me stories during the Great Depression about men walking the streets mumbling and cursing the name of God for letting this happen to them and letting their familyís starve. So what do you think will happen today if there is NO FOOD?

Food and water will be diverted to military use almost nothing will be given to civilians. With no power their will be no fuel for the trucks to deliver the goods and with out power they will not be able to farm anything so everything breaks down, NOTHING works, everyone starves.

People will resort to cannibalism, as there is NOTHING else to eat. They will eat grass, worms, bugs anything and everything and some will get sick and die from eating the wrong thing or spoiled food that will give them food poisoning. Women will sell their bodies for a crust of bread. And parents will eat their children, as there is nothing else to eat.

Hunger is a basic natural driving force that has to be dealt with it will NOT let you forget that YOU ARE HUNGRY. All the logic and all the education in the world will NOT subside your hunger pangs. If you get hungry enough you will eat anything.

People living in cities and suburbs will have it a lot worse than people who live in the country. As the people who live in the cities and suburbs will have to contend with roving gangs pillaging for food, water anything they can use and they will kill everything in their way with out one iota of compassion or care. EVERYTHING that gets in their way gets raped and killed and after a while they will start killing for fun, sport and pleasure even if there is no food involved, they will just kill everything.

People who live in the country will have it easier and the farther away from town the better. If you live in the country you probably have a well that can possibly be hand pumped for water. Also you will have a septic system so you will not rely on a city sewage treatment plant to handle your sewage. Also living in the country you will probably have a garden and animals that all will help sustain you and your family.

It takes a person 3 days to die of dehydration (lack of water) but it can take up to 3 weeks to die of hunger. Now that does not mean after 4 days you can go driving around town. Remember people are resourceful and the resourceful, creative thinkers (or the most barbaric) will find a way to survive for many weeks even months after (you think) all the food and water have run out. Now I would say the people you would meet after they have lived for two months with NO food and NO water might just be a little hostile, they might just eat YOU. Experts are not in agreement about how long to wait to clear out the riff-raff some say 6 months and some say 9 months and even some say you have to wait a full year before you can start trusting the people you meet. Personally I say give it a full year and then still be ultra cautious and DO NOT trust anyoneÖ

Some people will describe this period as: HELL ON EARTH.

This part of earthís history is described in the Bible in Revelationís and in other parts of the Bible. If you care to read it, it will tell you what will happen next.

97% of all the prophecies in the Bible have come true, the ONLY ones left are the end times prophecies. And IF you think these 3% of prophecies that are left to be fulfilled will not come to pass, remember the 97% that one way or another have come to pass. So one way or another these 3% will come to pass as well.

There is a Biblical event happening out west a drought of Biblical proportions. The talk is Las Vegas will be without water in one to two years. Over 50 water districts are right now on the verge of shutting off the water to residents as they have NO water.
NO WATER means NO farming and farming in California is a multi billion dollar business, or it was.

You like Bananaís? Better get them while you can in the next 2 to 5 years a fungus is killing off ALL the banana plants all over the world.

You like Orangeís and Orange Juice? Better get that as well as in the next several years Orangeís will be no more as a fungus is killing off all the Orangeís.

You like Pork? Better get that while you can as well. There is an intestinal disease that is killing piglets. Last year over 1 Million piglets (World wide) had to be disposed of and buried as they had this new killer pig disease. And this new disease is spreading world wide fast.

A lot of our other crops are threatened like this as well. Itís as if everything is coming to a head and it looks like it will not end well for us.

Argentina defaulted on itís bond payments (twice in the last 13 years). Some are saying this will trigger the Credit Default Swaps (Derivatives) and they could start popping right and left. These instruments are like a gamble or an insurance policy that IF you have an investment and it goes bad you buy a derivative to cover your loses and then some.
Derivatives from the 9 largest banks in America total over 200 Trillion Dollars. Where is all that money coming from? Most of Americaís banks are already leveraged at 40, 50 to one and more.

Insiders that play the stock market have already dumped their holdings for gold, silver, gold mining stock, land anything of real value other than paper. Paper as in stock certificates, cash, bonds, insurance policies etc. The reason they are doing this is these Billionaire Insiders are betting the stock market will crash and soonÖ

China has already borrowed 260% of itís GDP
Japan has borrowed over 200% of itís GDP
America has borrowed over 110% of itís GDP

In fact every industrialized country in the world is near, at or OVER the 100% mark of itís GDP. This is NOT a good sign.

We have Ebola now in America itís coming into our major cityís on airplanes from African countries. I guarantee itís already here, you just have not heard officially about it yet.

And if all that were not enough our politicians have opened up our southern boarder to all comers, terrorists, gang members, drug resistant TB and about any other bad thing you can think of. Just now it is being reported that Boarder Patrol agents are now passing these diseases on to their families at home.

Thanks to NAFTA, GAFTA and all the other _ _ FTAís that were rammed down out throats all of our good paying jobs have been shipped off overseas. What pulled America out of the Great Depression was not only WWII but the fact we manufactured everything for the World but today we make nothing or at least nothing the World wants. After all you can not support a home and a family on a McDonaldís job and you will not be able to buy a home working part time at Walmart.

So now here we are, broke and in debt. But do you have any idea how much you are in debt? With all that is owed and promised about 222 Trillion Dollars. Oh and do not forget about the 200 Trillion Dollars the banks will owe for these Derivatives when they start to come due.
Guess who will be on the hook for that.
Thatís right. (YOU AND ME)
You are no longer a depositor in your own bank youíre an unsecured lender and IF your bank or your Government needs your money in your private account, it will take it.
Remember MF GLOBAL and John Corzine? He stole Billions from private accounts and got Scott clean away with it.

The total world exposure to Derivatives is estimated to be 1.5 Quadrillion Dollars. And that estimate goes as high as 7 Quadrillion Dollars. The total World Gross Domestic Product is estimated to be only 80 Trillion Dollars. Do you see a problem here?
(Will you take a check?)

Our stock market has been bloated with all the "Funny Money" the fed has been printing, so much so that right now investors are spending $70 a share for stock in a company that has NOT turned a profit in 15 years. Do you see a problem here? I sure do. All the stock prices are so bloated that major investors (Billionaires) are are dumping their stocks fast and hard and buying hard assets like Gold, Silver, Mining stocks, land etc. Forget Millionaires, watch the Billionaires because they know where we are headed and from what they are doing (not what they are saying) it's all down hill from here.

George Soros a European Investor, placed a Billion Dollar bet the stock market would collapse. That is how he made his Billions from such bets and now he's betting big on this collapse.

Our Constitution has been shredded and is almost meaningless and with the stroke of Obamaís pen he made every American an enemy combatant in his own country. You can be held for any length of time and never charged. Not given any reason you are being held and not given an attorney to represent you. And now with drones they can kill you with a drone strike on American soil legally with NO repercussions.

Some say itís the perfect storm, what ever it is itís coming hard and fast.

The Bible says: New Babylon (America) will be destroyed in one hour.

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God Bless and Keep You and Yours Safe

Copyright 2014 By. Dr. T. M. Lamb