MY STORY, Tony Lamb

Back in the early 90’s I bought a couple solar panels and a couple 12 volt deep cycle batteries from Walmart. I threw the solar panels on my roof and ran wires down to my batteries in the garage and from my batteries I drilled a hole into my living room and ran the two wires into the living room. Next I bought a table lamp at a yard sale and spliced the wires from my batteries onto the wires from the table lamp. I screwed in a 12 volt flourescent light and was totally amazed that I could light up my living room powered from sunshine - I WAS HOOKED.

Now I have 10, 100 watt solar panels going into a Coleman Solid State Charge Controller and I have a 500 watt wind turbine going into it as well. From there I charge my 10 - 6 Volt - 250 amp AGM (Absorbed Glass Matte) Batteries the way they are wired together they give me a total of 1,250 amps of power at 12 volts. With that power I run a 12 volt swamp cooler on warm days and 12 volt electric blankets on cold winter nights. I brew my coffee with 12 volt power, my alarm clocks are 12 volt powered and I have a 12 volt portable refrigerator too. I have my entire home wired for 12 volt lights, inside, outside and my basement too.

I live in a large 4 bedroom home and I have 3 teenagers living in my all electric home, who have large TV’s, DVD Players and game consoles plus I have electric hot water, electric heat and air conditioning, electric cook stove and a very large freezer and my smallest power bill was $67.00. Normally my power bill runs about $100.00 per month.

When I would tell people about this they were amazed and asked me “CAN I DO THIS TOO AND CAN YOU SHOW ME WHAT TO DO?” So I wrote these books on how I did all my 12 volt projects such as:

* How to Install Solar Panels and a Wind Generator and Power your home with 12 volt.

* How to build a 12 volt Evaporative “Swamp” Cooler and Cool your home FREE with sunshine.

* How to build a Simple and Easy Aquaponics System and Eat Fresh Fish and Fast Vegetables, Powering it with 12 volt Power.

* How to Build a 12 volt HHO gas Room Heater and Cook Top Burner, Simple and Easy

* Living in the Hybrid Powered Home & How to Build Your Own Hybrid Powered Home

* How to Build a 12/24 Volt Water Heater from a 6 Gallon Plastic Pail.

* And more

“I Plan to Survive” The Ultimate Home Survival Guide, (a compliation of all my survival plans for surviving at home with info on food, water storage and water filteration and much, much more includes tons of photos and diagrams and is ultra informative for the home survivalist.), (DOES NOT INCLUDE THE BOOK “INVESTING FOR THE COMING ECONOMIC COLLAPSE” or "LIVING IN THE HYBRID HOME")

With all the talk about being hit with a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) from the sun or an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) both of these events could destroy our electronics that control EVERYTHING even your car has a computer that controlls the motor and that means your car will NOT run either. That means NO power coming into your home. Stores will close as their cash registers will not work, gas stations can not pump gas out of their storage tanks. Your home will loose all power, no lights, no heat, no air conditioning, no phones, no computer, no freezers or refegerators, no TV, no DVD, no cell phone, no water and NO sewer (that means your sewage will probably back up into your home) as the pumps that process your waste are not working either and the sewage system will back up cause it has no where to go as people will keep flusing their toliets using water from ditches or swimming pools etc.

Back in 1859 we had what was called the “Carington Event” a massive Solar storm (CME) hit the earth and the only technology we had then was the tellegraph and all over the earth tellegraph lines were sparking and catching on fire from the CME. Two years ago scientist say we missed another Carrington Event by just 12 hours. IF that had hit us we all would be living in the stone age today.

NOW if you have an installed and working solar and/or wind power system installed and running during a CME or an EMP event you will lose your charge controller and if you are using LED lights you will loose them as well. What we recommend is that you have a back-up charge controller and back-up LED lights stored in a Faraday cage. I would also wrap these items in plastic and then aluminum foil and do that three times with a final and last wraping of plastic and then store them in a metal box, a metal tool box works perfect just be sure that NO part of your foil or device touches the metal of your tool box. This way when a CME or a EMP happens you will have back up parts after the event.

9 Major Transformers are the lynchpin in our entire grid system if those 9 transformers are destroyed it would wipe out all power in the United States and much of Canada too. And the kicker is we don’t even make these transformers any more. We will have to place our order overseas and wait from 18 months to 2 years to get the transformers.
(That is 1 ½ years to 2 years without power). Are you ready for that?

If our power system is hit by terrorists then your system will work just fine if it’s set up properly. As your system will be a separate system not affected by your grid power supply. Most people in the business or web sites you check out will ONLY tell you info about a grid tie system. What they do not tell you is your grid tie system is controlled by your power company, so when the grid power goes down they can shut down your power generation ability. This way your system IS NOT trying to put current into a down line somewhere so workmen can safely work on it. Only problem is IF the grid goes down your system goes down so you do not have the ability to store or use power IF your grid goes down. So you can spend $20,000 to $50,000 and still be in the dark when you lose grid power. With our system it's a Hybrid system and you use both 110 volt grid power and your 12 volt power together and when you lose grid power you will still have 12 volt power and you can do a lot with 12 volt power. I have a 3000 watt inverter to run a sump pump from my 12 volt power.

Obama and his EPA are closing over 300 coal fired power plants, what do you think will happen to your power then? You think it will get less expensive or more expensive? You think we will have more brown outs and black outs, I do!

Home Land Security said we will loose power one day soon. Do they know something we do not? Their concern is for a terrorist attack on our Power System, knocking out power that will do about the same thing as an EMP or a CME only difference is your electronics will still work, but you just will not have power to run them.

Studies have been done by the Dept. of Defense and their conclusion is after one year of no power we would lose 97% of our population – (97%). No power = no fuel and no fuel = NO FARMING and thus no food. But not having food is not the real reason for the 97% loss in population, actually most would not die from disease and starvation but from tramua from roveing gangs looking for food, water and anything else of use. (Yes you read that correct we would lose MORE people from being murdered than from disease or starvation).
We would in an instant be forced back into the horse and buggy days, can you imagine farming a farm with a team of horses? And how many farmers even have horses or the hardware to hook them up or the plow to be pulled by the horses. Todays farmers can farm hundreds of acres, some even thousands of acres but one man with a horse can only plant, plow and harvest about 10 to 20 acres himself.

If you stored food and water, grew your own food and raised chickens or rabbits and made your own power, (12 volt power) you still could live quite comfortably and for devices you absolutely had to have 110 volts AC power for you could buy an inverter and run those devices.

When I loose grid power the only way I can tell is to look at the street light across the street to see if it’s lit or not. (I am NOT saying my power meter runs backwards), BUT it does stop turning sometimes, and sometimes it stops for long periods of time.

Solar panels have come down a lot over the years my first solar panels, (75 watts each) cost $595 each, but now you can buy a 100 watt panel from $50 to $100 (including shipping). For only a couple thousand dollars you to can install your very own Hybrid power system and be ready for the next power outage. So when your neighbors are sitting in the dark scrounging for candles and (dead battery) flashlights all you have to do is flip a switch and have LIGHTS & POWER.

How much is your power bill, $200, $300 even $400 every month? And how long would it take you to pay for a $2,000 investmant if you could lower your power bill to $100.00 per month?

We show you where you can buy 100 watt solar panels for $100 each and sometimes you can find factory seconds (blemished) as low a $50 each with full factory warranty and full power these have only cosmetic blemishes and can not be sold for full price. As for systems I have a larger mid size solar system, I will show you how you can get by on only 6 – 100 watt solar panels. Plus I will show you the best solid state charge controller and how to wire it up so that when this controller goes into dump mode it will send your normally wasted 12 volt power into a Hot Water tank making you totally FREE Hot Water and this is from wasted power that would normally be dumped. And I will show you the best batteries to use for your solar system.
These batteries are so safe they are the ONLY batteries you can fly on an airplane and even if they are tipped or ruptured they will not leak acid.
These batteries are the ONLY batteries approved for indoor use as they DO NOT vent Hydrogen gas.

You can see what I did to get my 12 volt power and how YOU can do the same at:

Thank You And God Bless

T. M. Lamb